Paint me a painting,
O painter of skies!
One that I'll love
one I'll despise.

Paint me a painting
of life.
I like this. Short, simple and to the point. Also positions me to ponder how one would express life in a painting. (That may just be me though)
Only thing I can criticize is the missing line seems empty. It works well without it but feels like there could be perhaps another reference to the painter but, as previously stated, it still works nicely without it.
Can't really criticize the length as everything is said that needs to be.
Also, perhaps this could be used as a stanza in a longer piece?
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Short. Too short. I was hoping it was going to be more though, i thought it waws about to go somewhere right as it stopped. But good job anyways.
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I like it, I can easily see some great uses for it. I'm not quite so sure about the last two lines, they don't sit as well with me, but I think that's personal preference more then anything.
i really like what you have here but i just feel the 'paint me a painting of life' is too corny and blah and kinds of bring down the first stanza. if i think of any suggestions ill edit them in, not that you will care what they are, but i will anyways.