My friends and I play airsoft and after a few games with a p.o.s. $50 Steyr AUG, I have decided to upgrade to a better gun. They are all using guns in the $200-$300 range.

I am wanting an FG42 (German paratroop version of the MG42). They dont make any. Shoei makes a replica that can be converted to an airsoft gun pretty easily. But I want to make my own. I also want it to be sort of modernized, like a cross between a G3 and an M4.

Anyway, after looking at the G3's, it looks like the reciever/upper handguard isnt removable. If it was built more like an M4, I could probably switch out the handguards no prob.

Also, I'm afraid it will come out looking goofy. See, I'm trying to find the best basegun to use as my building/customizing platform. It needs to be pretty close to the FG42's body and trigger group. Also, it needs to be inexpensive because the handguards, custom barrel, scopes, etc. will get expensive pretty fast.

So far the G3 looks like it would work best. Only if the handguard was built like an M4 and was tubular and didnt run the whole length of the barrel.

So what other airsoft guns would be worth a look as a potential basegun?
An FG42. You've made this thread before.

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