Just some crappy death metal song I made, Electronic drums, all written by me.


mabye one day I might have some vocals for it lol the song is about a pinata at a party and some kids bust it open and it's full of bees XD

I used Hammerhead Drum program with custom sounds imported ( some free crappy loop program ) I used Audacity to link the drum beats all together, and to record the guitar over it . Played on an ESP MH-50 and a Boss Metalzone pedal line-in to the computer.
Thats some pretty decent shizzle you got there. Guitar tone is a bit...off. U tried recording the guitar with a mic infront of the amp instead of direct input to comp?

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Thank you for your words of wisdom.
Thanks, I know the tone is a little whacky, mainly because it's line in from a Boss Pedal, so the pedal is pre-amping it and the sound is all pedal, I need to record with a mic from an amp..
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