im gonna start recording covers in a alphabet like setlist.(ex: a is ac/dc, b is bloc party). for right im only gonna do strandard tuning and drop d songs. so please post. i also post a blog later of my recording. also i plan to add drums, bass, and vocals. and if any one has recording tips please also post. and maybe the amp settings for each song but that is not so important. thanks.
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I just learn the formula, apply it to a key, and use said notes on fretboard. Why? Cuz I'm not a pussy.
Something I do is record everything clean, and then figure out/write down. What I want to do to each part, whether I should add more or what.

Then re-record it with the specifications i've written down.

I find this helps e get a clearer perspective of what I'm dealing with and what I want to happen.

In your blog, I'd put what you did, too. This would be good to look back on to see how you got 'that sound' or whatever
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