a wool hat in summertime, you wore it everywhere,
hair always wet from sweat dripping down your forehead past your
tanned neck. you'd never take it off though,
i remember even once we went swimming in a pond on your parents land
and you took off everything besides that wool hat.
you get attached to things too easily,
you're young,
but not too young to remember last winter
when you would never wear a jacket and
always ask to borrow mine, i spent those few months shivering until i
started wearing two jackets so i could keep at least one.
i don't know where your wool hat was then,
but you'd ask for my gloves and scarves and socks and boots until i finally gave up,
spent prom night freezing naked on a bench outside the gymnasium while you were
off with friends warm and occupied with things more temperate than the temperature.
olivia, its not about that prom night though,
the way you shrugged it off and put your comfort ahead of mine,
its that you never dress for the weather and it pisses me off.
liked you repeated the dressed down to naked motif, but gave it two different flavours and circumstances.
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Ahhhh. Smells of reminiscing. It gives off a very warm kind of feeling, and pleasant. Great job.
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WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.
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thank you very much. im starting to feel connected to my writing again and it feels good. ill be returning crits right, now.
This was everything I'd been missing from you, Rushmore. The soft, bittersweet nostalgic tone, the connectable emotions, the believable, heartfelt story and characters. Thank you for writing this.
Anytime you take one of your creative ideas and put it in a piece that hits home it's almost guaranteed to be gold.

Good job.


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congrats. you're one of my favorite writers to read on here. you have a unique style and you always deliver. great job!
here, My Dear, here it is
I was thinking of your writing the other night; glad to have come across this. Good, as always
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