I'm currently browsing the market for a guitar with a tone different from my strat. I've looked at some les pauls, les paul style, and some hollowbodies. I found a used Gothic LP with GFS dream90s in it and it sounded great but I found the neck to thick for my likings. I played some LP standard tradional pros and really liked the overall feel and sound (although I prefer the tone of p-90 style pickups to humbuckers).
What would you recommend for me? I'll be using it for blues, jazz, and rock.\

Muy gracias.
look at schecters there pretty nice guitars and most are or start around $750 or so and they come with different pickups some have emgs, or blackouts, seen 1 with pearly gates, also most have Seymour Duncan it just depends what model u get
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thank you very much, Seaweed