I wrote this shortly after my grampa died...i wrote it reflecting what i saw through my uncle's eyes and through my gramma's eyes.

You used to be so full of happiness,
Then you got turned inside out.
Why do you have to go through this.
Loving and losing is what life's all about.
God put a vice grip on your heart
As you stared from space watching your world fall apart.
I see a tear rolling down your face
As you carry your best friend, your father, to his grave.

The pain seems to be ever lasting.
You say a bit of you died with his passing.
Everyone needs another to lean on.
I'm just here to say, you got me.

You vowed til death do us part.
It was the start of the rest of your life.
It all ended when he died.
He was all that mattered to you.
The love in your eyes became shattered
As the tried to hold tears streaming down your face.
While you carry your best friend, your soul mate, to his grave.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
God why did he have to leave us.


Daddy's boy became a man
When had to hold up his mother
As she realized she'll never see him again.
Good lyrics. It reminds me of that one Killers song that I forgot the name of. It seems strange to me that you know so much of your grandads life though. One suggestion: make
I'm just here to say, you got me
change to
I'm just here to STAY, you got me
Good job
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WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.