A mate told me what it was called but I forgot. It's called The something (Like The Visitor, The Guests, something like that) and I think it's about some people that go to a shack or something and these like criminals or some **** go to the house and find them and they have to run away.

The strangers? Visitors? I think I know what you're talkin about but I don't remember...


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The "something"? About 75% of all horror films ever made are The "something"!

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that was a horrible movie. except when he shot his friend.
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hahaha thie first time i saw that movie, it was pretty good and the whole idea of it just creeped me out. rented it when it came out to dvd...it sucked..hahaha
Well I don't have anyone to do anything with today so I want to sit down and watch a horror movie.