I'm creating a movie. I'm about 70 scenes in. Every scene is recorded as an .avi file.

5 minutes ago, Windows Movie Maker decided to stop letting me import .avi files. It slammed with with an error message saying that I need the proper codec in order to import the .avi files, but, of course, I've already imported an exorbitant amount of them.

Have I reached a sort of "import limit"? What explanation could there possibly be as to why Windows Movie Maker has effectively halted my project because it suddenly "forgot" how to import .avi files?

Has anyone else had these problems? Someone please help. I almost went to create a Yahoo Answers account, but the site was down.

Technology is the bane of my existence.

Thanks for any help.
Your problem is that you are using Windows Movie Maker for serious editing.
that happened to me once...I don't think it's WMM's problem, it's probably something with the file.
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You're hilarious. Can someone actually be useful?
I'm being serious. WMM is a pain in the ass for anything but simple edits.
Not sure how to fix the WMM problem itself, but you could convert the .avi to .wmv