are sad, slow, not distorted, mellow, but most importantly - MELODIC. I'm in the mood for a really sad song that has the potential to make me sad, but i need it to be melodic.

Something along the lines of My Immortal by Evanescence is good, because it's nice and melodic the whole way through with no strange key changes or anything like that.

Also please post songs that adhere to the above criteria.. don't just ignorantly post songs that happen to make you cry without reading what i wrote above.
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...And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth - Agalloch

EDIT : has an excellent acoustic guitar solo that's really emotional and fun to play too.

and +1 to explosions in the sky
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Things Aren't So Beautiful Now (Part II) - A Thorn For Every Heart

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Ehmmm try Dream with me , by Stratovarius.

Maybe it's not too sad, but it's melodic
Genesis-Carpet Crawlers (I'd advise watching the live version with Phil Collins on Lead vocals..it's mesmerising)

King Crimson-Islands (A true hidden treasure)

Along the lines of newer bands

Wild beasts-The Devil's Crayon
-His Grinning Skull (after you get halfway there, the second vocalist interrupts everything with his singing this epic build-up of the words "heave-ho")
Lack of Color - Death Cab for Cutie
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - DFCF and just about half of Death Cab's songs
Wake Up (acoustic) - Coheed and Cambria
Up Against The Ropes-August Burns Red.
or more realistically
"Remembering Sunday"-All Time Low.
It's sad and mellow at first, then it gets cool and a little more optimistic, and then sad/loudish/awesome. check it out, it's totally worth it even if its not exactly what you're looking for.
i dont listen to Evanescence so idk what you're looking for really. so these are just some songs that i listen to that chill me out/make me sad.

Bring Me The Horizon - 15 Fathoms, Counting

Chase Coy - Take Me Away, Never Change, If The Moon Fell Down

Copeland - Brightest, California, Coffee, The Grey Man, On The Safest Ledge

Deas Vail - Shoreline

Edison Glass - You Mean The World To Me, Jean Val Jean

Explosions In The Sky - ANY of there songs. for real dude. beautiful instrumental music.

Manchester Orchestra - I Can Feel A Hot One, I Can Feel Your Pain, Sleeper 1972, Where Have You Been?, How I Waited

This Will Destroy You - another instrumental band

thats all i can think of off the top of my head. enjoy

WARNING: listening to all of these songs on a single playlist may result in a permanent state of chill. to reverse the effects of said chill, listen to Disfiguring the Goddess. or simply look up 'Big Chocolate vocals' on youtube.
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definetly definetly. the diary of jane. [acoustic version] by breaking benjamin. i love it
Pretty much any sad songs by power metal bands.
Don't You Cry by Kamelot or Tallulah by Sonata Arctica are good examples. Harvest of Sorrow by Blind Guardian is good, too.
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