Did he?

For those too lazy, Obama said in his latest speech before Congress that his new public option on healthcare would not cover illegal immagrants. At this point Joe Wilson (R) SC, shouted out "You lie!" at the President.
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only man that has some balls in that room...

he called it as he saw it
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Silly republicans and their stubborn ignorance.
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It would (at least according to the plan) prevent tax dollars from being spent on illegal immigrants. Unless the ERs will be run the same way.

But if ****s everyone who earns their money over. My grandfather works 16 hours a day, doesn't eat breakfast or lunch, doesn't take breaks (other than bathroom breaks) and earns over 250,000 bucks a year. Are you seriously telling me he doesn't earn it? That he doesn't deserve it?

What happened to the American dream? If you work hard you can succeed! Deadbeats shouldn't get handouts. People who earn their money deserve their money.

Plus, another thing regulated by the government isn't good.