Hey guys

I just got myself a used PRS standard 22 (satin) with Dragon II pickups

the guitar is beautiful and plays "light gain"/clean exceptionally well... but I feel it lacks some real crunch when it comes to higher gain (hard rock/metal)

Using a peavey xxx combo (2 12") - I owned an esp ltd f-series (emg 81's) and I guess I am used to being able to "crank" the gain... with the PRS I am using about 1/2 the as much as before

it sounds OK, very warm and melow- but I wish/want a little more OOMPH if you know what im saying!

I really dig the coil-splitting this guitar has, so one of my main questions is:

If I switch the pickups could I still use the coil-tap knob?? can anyone recomend anything here?


One thing that pisses me off a bit is the PRS stoptail bridge (cant set te intonation)

anyone have any success in swapping the stock bridge????? for somethin like this:

k, thanks for the time

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i bought a bridge like that for my PRS (SE) too... im waiting for it to arrive on the mail... but a friend of mine in the US got his and install it with no problem, just slip out the stock one, in the new one.

and for the Pickups... no idea... but i do know its a bitch to keep the coil-tap if you switch to actives
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hmmm thanks for the info guys, i appreciate any info i can get

@ just17n8 - dude, could you send me a PM when you get the bridge installed?? and tell me how you like it? would be alot of help

I am curious about using Seymore Duncuns for my bridge and keepin the dragon II for neck, wonder how that would sound?
I've got 2 PRS guitars, (a Custom 24 and a Singlecut). I did't care for the PRS pickups, so I put a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge of them both. The Duncans greatly improved the sound of both guitars. Much more definition and output. Kinda like a sledgehammer to the face...I mean that in a good way.
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nice, what pickups did you decide on?

and dude, does the coil-tap still work? I am just a newb with these thigns (never swapped pickups before)

what style you mainly play?
I've played a few PRS guitars with various pickups and I think the JB is... ok, it sounds better in PRSs than in les pauls but they're still really bright and can get kind of harsh. I would not really say they have a lot of "oomph" at all, just a lot of output.

But WCR American Steele set sound really good in PRS guitars. And I mean REALLY good...

They're not really high output pickups, but they've got a seriously big sound. The AS set is basically this bridge pickup...


With this neck pickup...


Here is another clip of the bridge through several amps
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