i need a beautiful song, but one thats more on single notes like "nothing else matters" but go ahead and throw good songs with chords also (wonderwall-ish)
i just got my 1st acoustic so im happy to be joining you all =D
i <3 asian girls.
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classical gas by mason williams

i dont deserve to play that song =/
i <3 asian girls.
you can play the intro bit though coz its fairly easy.

some others to try could be 'under the bridge' by rhcp, the rythym to 'always with me always with you' by joe satriani and the end bit of 'floods' by pantera.

i can't think of any full acoustic songs.

oh, one last son is the acoustic version of 'everlong' by the foo fighters.
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best of me by the starting line is a nice one. make sure you hear the acoustic version though
baby you wouldnt last a minute on the creek by chiodos again listen to the acoustic version