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I'm no good with genres, but I would say it's thrash, maybe some melodic, but I'll just call it metal for now.

C4C, just leave a link and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for listening!
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i don't see a track called submachine.
i owe you a crit so let me know when it's up.
Nice playing, but it's hard to hear through your tone. It sounds really thin, almost like you recorded the entire thing with the wah in the full down position through a Boss Metal Zone with the treble dimed.
That said, this is a very promising tune. I especially liked the tremolo picking at 1:12 and how you played with the left and right channels at some points. If the drumming is off a loop or a synth, nice job. If the drumming is actually you playing... WOW. I liked the solo at about 3:00. Great riff, keep up the good work and fix your tone.

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The tone is probably the Strat + the line-in recording, makes it very thin regardless of EQ on the RP250.

Drums are from a sequencer, Drumtrack.

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You did a really good job on this for a 15 year old. I enjoyed the riffs you created, but didn't like the drums with it. Props to making them, though, I know how difficult that stuff is.

It's good to see people out there who have the ability to come up with ideas in their head and be able to created them like you did. I know for a while there I'd come up with the most kickass ideas in my head, but never been able to get it done the way I had in mind. Sounds like you mastered that ability. Props to you.

I have a problem with the guitar tone, would sound much better if you had some more distortion, or maybe some more low-end to the guitar sound. It sounded really thin (keep in mind I'm not talking about the clean guitar, which sounded fantastic) because when you did the faster picking, on the higher strings with the single notes, it didn't have much depth so it sounded thin.

But otherwise, wow. Very nice young sir.
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Cant add too much more that hasnt been said.

Your tracks need to be a little bit thicker to get a fuller metal sound. I liked the song overall alot. Good ideas, sounds very good, but the tone takes away alot from the song. I would say to cut your higher frequencies a good amount and up your low, mid low frequencies to give it some body. Other than that my only complaint is the third distorted riff seems like it doesnt belong.


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i liked it man. good playing, and it kept my attention, whitch is hard to do. nice job. i liked the intro and then when the distortion came in at 34. cool stuff. playing was great, but i though the tone sounded a little ****y. ithink if you worked with it you could get a more phat tone. it sounded like you were maybe using thin strings?. good stuff though/.

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