I really dont like the shape of that body, its just....gross. Gotta love those inlays though
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they need to bring the old kramer logo back lol.

Seriously...and the Banana headstock needs to return in full force...otherwise, good for gibson for finally making a move with the name

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Beak and banana headstocks are awesome I agree with you there. It is a budget guitar, and I think they are making them in Korea if I remember correctly. Anyways, the inlays are cool but I'm not nuts over the body but at least they are tying something different. The logo does cheapen it, its too thin and plain but who knows it may not stay around for a while...the logo's in the 80's with Kramer didn't either
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I'm gonna go ahead and agree with everyone who's saying they should bring back the banana headstock. Also they should bring back loud colored strats with single angled bridge pups.
First thing I thought when I saw the pic was they copied the Fernandes Vortex/Mike Amott ESP sig.
I have always loved Kramers and I always like the fact they would make some very unusual guitars. I like this one but I could do with out the Floyd.

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I have always loved Kramers and I always like the fact they would make some very unusual guitars. I like this one but I could do with out the Floyd.


You stole the words right out of my mouth... But i was gonna say to bad they dont make it with a fixed bridge. LOL
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Cool looking, but wtf is with the logo? Really cheapens it imo.

At least i would rather buy that than Zakk's new Epi sig
But they need to go back to using the 80's logo and the banana headstock, thats why I would probably only buy a striker right now imho
Its kinda like Epiphone needing to go back to using the tulip tuners, i don't care if they didn't stay in tune as well, I'd rather have them than the ugly ass grovers
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Their USA line will use the old 80's logos. This new line will use this type of logo. I think its a pretty good idea to use both. Personally, I like all of the headstock logo's from the 80's except the pyramid logo.
80's logo page
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Gibson + Kramer vs Fender + Jackson?
Round 1

It's Jackson/Charvel.

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Gibson have finally done something right.
But yet it's not enough,
i'm suprised they haven't gone bust to be honest.
I love white guitars!
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Fender owns Jackson

Yeah. And Charvel.

Alright looking guitar, but I wouldn't get it. I don't like trems.
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Anyone seen the Pacer Classic Series that is supposed to be out this fall?? ...that is seriously hot!!...I can finally afford a Pacer...well, nearly anyway. The logo doesn't bother me too much...things change i guess, but i just hope the guitars that come out are good stuff...i'm sick of looking for old Focus's on the bay all the time and not being able to get one...if these come out on time i can just grab one of the new Strikers or the Pacer Classic.
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First thing I thought when I saw the pic was they copied the Fernandes Vortex/Mike Amott ESP sig.

Stole the words right out of my mouth. I would buy this one though (if it has decent features)

EDIT: Bolt on? Ugh, missed chance. I'd have prefered set neck/neck through for a tad better access.
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Sorry, but that guitar's butt ugly.
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There is a string through tun-o-matic version of this one coming out too.

Found this link --- looks like a lot is happening in the Kramer camp - - FINALLY!


Alot of old stuff on there, but the 2010 model section looks pretty cool!
Huh, so they're confirmed 2010 models then.

I am going to be buying the balls off of that purple Striker and the Pariah.
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2010 models have been confirmed for a while now. The word I heard direct from the Gibson/Kramer camp is they were scheduled to be released sometime in September. Well September has come and gone, I guess they are shooting for fall now but its all in the works and also trying to get them into the stores and so on. All good news except the fact that they are all pretty much lower end or mid priced guitars which of course sell the most I guess but there's only 1 higher end model for now in the USA made Pacer Imperial. I dunno, to me they should do better with the Kramer name and go hard after Ibanez, Jackson and ESP.
I'll wait and see and give Gibson a chance but to me right now Gary Kramer is what the brand was back in the 80's and should be all about now, he's got his sh*t together big time! Here's a good example, all that for around a grand!

Gary Kramer Guitars Russian Roulette Review

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The new logo is gay as hell. Also that body style is poo. I'm glad I got one with the old logo
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