Collaboration with a buddy of mine, on the latest track (I Are Hate) He composed and played the guitar, as well as programming the vocals, while I did ambient synth stuff to sort of fill it out.


Please feel free to crit the other tracks as well. DaDaDeeDa was composed and performed entirely by myself, while LOL BUTTZ was entirely my collaborator's creation on a Korg DS synth (nintendo DS snyth)
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I are hate: the ambient stuff's alright, the guitars to loud, makes my head hurt.

lolbuttz: dunno what you were going for, but the sound's unnerving.

DaDaDeeDa: most listenable one, sorta cool.

not much of a crit i know but i listened to them, if you could leave a short comment on mine that'd be awesome.
Well I Are Hate will probably include loud drums at one point, we're just sort of developing our tunes as we jam on them, and we feel the noisier, the better.