Okay, so my friend and I write songs together. We normally write songs with 2 acoustic guitar or one acoustic and one ukulele, along with vocals for him and vocals for me. We also write pop-punk songs, with one guitar, bass, drums (it's a 4-piece set with 2 cymbals, a hi-hat, and a cowbell) and lead vocals and 2 background vocals.

Anyways, we were thinking about starting to record some demos and get our music out there.
I was looking to buy this:


Is this a good buy? Also, what else would I need to buy in order to get all of this recorded? Would this be easy to do?

Thanks for your help

EDIT: My computer program is Windows Vista if that helps.
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yeah you've got the right idea, you just need the software and mics and such and you're good to go. I've got the presonus firestudio myself
that may be a bit of overkill there. but hey, grab a few mics and you'll be ready for just about anything that gets thrown at you. and i guess that would make miking the drums pretty easy. yeah, i take that back about the overkill...

be sure to factor in the cost for mics, cables, stands, and pop filters for vocals. those extra little things add up fast and are not nearly as fun to buy as a new mic or instrument.
Definately overkill
buy a mixer and smaller interface (Lexicon Alpha would be good), it's cheaper and much more flexible.
Also look at getting a great mic eg; SM57
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If you can afford it, go for it - though I'd concentrate on getting a few good condenser mics and a general-purpose dynamic mic.

Give us your budget, and any equipment you already have, and we can give you some more specific advice. There's no point spending loads of money on a 16-input interface if you're going to be mixing with headphones/PC speakers, and have less than 6 or 7 mics.
You will need at most 4 mics, so why the 16-in? You could get away with two mics actually. Sure if you want to spend $400 on that and another $400 on mics you'd be able to record other bands in the area, but seriously OVERKILL....
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Hmm okay, thanks for the advice Yes, the more money I can save the better.

Well my budget is around $1000, and so far I have no recording equipment whatsoever, unless you count my computer

So yeah, does this help? Which equipment do YOU guys recommend?

Ive got the 1641 and its great.

But you do need the mics for it but its a great idea to get plus its only 300 for 16 imputs, pretty good buy. for the software you could just get reaper, its free and pretty good quality. if you want professional and you have that much and your serious about making a name for yourself with your band go to a professional studio, it will sound a lot better.