I read the stickies.

I know the technicalities. Meter, melodies, etc. I'm a good guitar player and can write decent instrumental tunes but for some reason I just have a permanent case of... not being able to express myself with lyrics. Sometimes I'll get a really cool line and I'll write it down and I can't come up with anything else, so I lose motivation completely and convince myself the line was stupid in the first place.

I really want to do a 3 or 4 song concept thing in the vein of Protest the Hero or even Coheed (not as deep, though). I can come up with some cool stories I'd like to write about, but getting my thoughts into a song is just not working for me. Any ideas?
I actually have the same problem, so I don't have any fantastic tips for you
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i'd start on simpler stuff. when you start getting better at it, those more interesting projects will be a lot easier.

if you just cant get any words down that sound at all half decent, try sitting down to write the cheesiest song possible. it will at least help you get into the flow of writing. as you get more used to it, you can work your way into more meaningful and real lyrics.
i personally couldn't put two words together to save my life until i decided to write a song that had every cliche and cheesy rhyme and rhythm that i could think of that i had been trying so hard to avoid. it didn't take long for me to start writing better stuff after just getting comfortable with writing out whole verses, choruses, and songs.
Come up with lots of isolated good lines, but can't "express yourself"? Stop trying to express yourself and write a dozen songs or so that center on interesting images. By the time you're done, you'll find most of what you wanted to write in the first place has crept into your material.

I often take a handful of different lines that aren't related and build a song by either connecting them or juxtaposing them. It's a great technique to try out when someone is in your place.
Not to say that none of these people aren't right, but don't listen to any of them.

This is all you need to be told: Just fucking write.

There's a certain point where you can't just rely on little tips from everybody and you just have to go do it. It's the thing that makes someone a writer, regardless of skill or what anyone else says; the ability to open up your mind and tap into your inner creativity to put your emotions on paper. You are now at this point. This is something you have to figure out how to do yourself, and all the tips and tricks from all the writers in the world can't help you do it.

Just sit down, and, well....let it flow. Turn on the faucet and let the water run until you go bankrupt from paying water bills. Let all the words surge down your hand and through your pen and onto the paper, and let it happen effortlessly. You are most likely trying too hard to create magic. Just let it happen.

That sticky is for helping people improve their writing. It sounds like you haven't even gotten started yet. Once you learn to formulate all your ideas to where you can write something resembling a song or poem, THEN you refer to that sticky.

Note, this is strongly opinion based. Just my opinion, and hopefully you see what I'm trying to say.
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