I have been playing guitar for around 9 years now, however i never really learned the theory end of it, i have many years with drum theory and general music theory however, when it comes to guitar theory i lack. Any suggestions as a good way to get in tune with the downright essentials, especially ones that will help guide me to start writing simple songs. I really have no clue where to start on writing, i have the thoughts and visions of what i want and how it should sound but i cant seem to find a good place to start. i.e. chord progressions, simple rhythm parts and then layering in lead parts on to that. any help? plz :-D
do you know the chromatic scale?
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The4th horsmen's suggestion will get you started well. If you have a good understanding of general music theory, its more a case of applying it to guitar, which should come easier than learning it from the start. but i agree that learning how to build simple chord progressions from diatonic scales, and melodies from the key/scale is a good start.
also when it comes to writing, you must have learnt covers before, so sit and work out what you are actually playing in terms of notes, intervals, chords etc to give you an understanding of how it sounds. good luck.
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