does the GT-10 do everything the ME-70 does? like does it have a "defretter" patch and whatnot? or is the GT-10 not the "all that and a bag of chips" like they say they are
I'd take the me-70, its much easier to navigate and program than the gt-10 imo
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i agree with that, but the harmonist isnt as good on the ME-70 is all.
whats the best harmonist pedal out there?
The GT-10 is a lot better. It has everything that the ME has but a lot more flexibility and options. It's really easy to navigate once you learn the interface.
but does the GT-10 (an older effects pedal) have a defretter patch? i really like the sound that alex hutchings got on the demo vid with the defretter.
Just putting this out there- you could get a spidervalve head for cheaper than the gt10.

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Yea, the ME-70 is just a watered down version of the GT-10. If the ME-70 has it, the GT-10 has it. But there's definitely a defretter patch.
whats the spidervalve head? (scratch that, i looked it up, not quite what im lookin for)
and i just want to make sure before i spend $300-$550
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well, do you have the defretter patch?
and does the GT-10 have a drum machine or at least a metronome?
There's a defretter patch. There's no drum machine or metronome. It's pretty much a straightforward pedal. It's not a trainer or practice tool. The only thing that can be used as a practice tool is the looper. But it's very basic. Just record, clear, and pause. It's nowhere near as useful as other multi-effect pedals in that aspect. But the Boss GTs have always been about delivering great effects and preamps for use in a live setting. It's not focused on recording like Line 6 is. It's also not a practice tool. I think the GT-10 wins beats all the other pedals (in the price range) if you're looking for a great amount of effects and extreme flexibility in a convenient package.
and for the harmonizer. how does it work exactly? like can you pick the scales/modes and keys it harmonizes in?
thank you so much for your help by the way, i had a lot of questions, and boss and roland have no way to contact them that i could find
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and for the harmonizer. how does it work exactly? like can you pick the scales/modes and keys it harmonizes in?

It has the the voice option (1 voice mono, 2 voice mono, 2 voice stereo), then you can select the key (C, Am, etc), harmony (2nd, 3rd, etc), level, delay for the harmony, and feedback for the harmony. It's a master key, but you can have different options for the other settings in each of the voices if you're using 2. I've never actually used this effect but I'm pretty sure you can get some interesting tones out of it. Especially when mixing it with other effects
ok, so then it seems the GT-10 is what im looking for afterall. the only good harmonist pedal i found would be $500 plus the $300 for the ME-70 heh.

thanks again