Okay, nothing really special here but I think I got a pretty decent deal and I feel like posting about it. I found a local ad from a guy selling a Jackson JS30KE for $50, but I went for it just because I've always wanted an Explorer shaped guitar. The guitar is in pretty much perfect condition, just has old strings that need to be replaced but other than that I haven't found anything to complain about. I was thinking of throwing on heavier gauges and using it for a dropped tuning guitar just for the hell of it.

Anywho, I only have one picture of the body at the moment, and hopefully it posts right, but what do you guys think? Good deal or not really?
for $50? if it works, it's a great deal for pretty much anything. for that? absolutely! nice find, and a nice guitar.
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Thanks, I've really never cared for the Kelly shape exactly, I've always been more for a traditional Epi/Gib Explorer shape, but I do have to say I'm pretty happy with this one. It's a very comfortable guitar in my hands and I actually like the feel of the neck quite a bit. I mostly bought it because I was going to turn around and try to sell it for more, haha, but I'm definitely planning on holding on to it for awhile, maybe mod it a bit and turn it into a decent mid-range guitar.
Man, I've been looking for a dirt cheap explorer type guitar forever.

Lucky guy! HNGD
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For 50 bucks that's a good deal, the same model was my first electric which has gone to another guy as his first electric.
You got THAT for 50 bucks?!
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nice find man, for $50 you can't really complain
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