Hah... really liked how the lyrics are easy to relate to and very down-to-earth. My main grip is the ending; it's too abrupt and doesn't really conclude the song. Maybe a short solo there would solve it?

I could easily imagine this in a more rock-oriented version too.

Thanks a lot for the crit on mine too!

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I thought it was great, the lyrics where very moving, I didnt really think that it was a common sounding song, mabey people just think that because it has a john deer in there. lol. idk, I think that mabey a rythem acoustic in the background behind the lead would sound more full. But another great song man.
Not really my style but with that said I thought it was nicely done. It ended a tad too abruptly though.
hey thanks for the crit on mine. really liked this song it. It reminded me alot of the Gourds. Time to go check out some more of your music. thanks for posting this
R.I.P Jerry Garcia (1945)-(1995)

In the winter of '65 we were hungry, just barely alive.

Good voice and good playing. I like the layered vocal tracks. Ending was a bit abrupt but I guess you could say it adds a creative touch. This is definitely a decent song but it seemed to get redundant after awhile. Maybe just because it's acoustic? I don't know. But good song none the less. Nice work.

And thanks for critting mine.
Sorry i took too long i like your style man and the lyrics are good too... ending could use some work but i liked it man you have a good voice maybe we should do a collab in a near future