This'll be my first post on this forum.

I've sold my drums and decided to focus 100% on the guitar instead, but i've never taken guitar lessons, so i'm pretty much self-taught. I can do some riffing and triple 16th picking at like 200+ bpm.

I play a lot of death metal, but also some stoner.

What i would like to get better at is shredding, soloing and being able to keep 16-notes permanent at like 200+ bpm.

Any general tips to get better at this is appreciated , but i guess the easiest would be to follow some kind of instruction dvd. You guys know any good?

Michael Angelo Batio - Speed kills 1 ,2 ,3
Paul Gilbert - Intense Rock
Marty Friedman - Melodic Control
Rock Discipline by John Petrucci
Intense Rock I and II by Paul Gilbert
Melodic Control by Marty Friedman (Not necessarily technique, but a must view anyhow).
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Petrucci's Rock Discipline is a must. As is Friedman's Melodic Control, and basically everything by Gilbert.
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