yeah i just wanted to see wat some of u would advice me to do with my picking problems.i learned guitar all by my own and am really good at it but i just have this problem with alternate picking when it come to changing frets and not only picking one note.i want to know wat im doin wrong ,is it my picking technique??because i hold the pick with three fingers because i tend to use power when picking.any advice would be nice.thank u.
3 fingers isnt usual but whatever works for you i guess! the main thing is you pick from the wrist and that its relaxed , not trying to put too much power into it, it should be controlled instead. as far as getting it clean when changing frets, its just a question of syncing up the left and right hands, only practice, starting off slowly will do that for you.... gd luck
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Using three fingers sounds like a sure fire way to injure yourself (to me - I never found a way to pick single notes like that and not feel lots of stress in my wrists and arm). Picking a bit lighter will also help you.
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Practice, practice practice. Pick (no pun intended) one song and keep playing with a pick until you get better at it. The rest will fall in line.
Building up speed with a metronome would help there's some online.
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