im heading out to london to get me a new guitar and i dont know which to choose.i like the accesories of the standard but the custom ebony looks epic.Any advice??
Custom. It has a much more varied tonal ability, and it looks miles better as well.
custom is way cooler...but if you need a new amp or pedal, just go with the standard and save the moneys
Customs are much nicer but beware...THEY ARE HEAVY!!!!! after playing an hour and a half long set with one my back neck and shoulder were sore for weeks
If you've got money for the Custom go for Custom but if not then Standard is good enough too!
I have one of the Classic Customs, I absolutely love it. It's beautiful and powerful. Yeah, it's heavy, but I'm a bigger guy... Anyhow, it is the one thing I would try to salvage if my house went up in flames. Get one and don't look back.
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