i have to do a school performance in about two months, and i have to play 3 songs for it. i already have one and cant think of anything else. i need some suggestions and am open for a lot of things. Ideas?
You can't think of 3 songs yourself? (It's Performance)
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This shouldn't be reported the other thread shoud be. Do a jaco piece and do victor wootens amazing grace
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Well, depening on how it's graded really can alter what choices you make. If it's graded on technical musicianship, then sure as hell do some Jaco or Wooten. But, if it's graded on the performance aspect (with things such as crowd interaction etc) then I'd say do something eaier to play, that you can get a sing along with or some such, & if all else fails, play the blues.
Autumn leaves is good
More love by victor wooten
Suite no1 in G major
The awakened by the reddings

Well those are the 4 pieces im doing on bass alkong with the 4 pieces on trumpet im doing for my music exam
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