Singer/Guitarist aged 22 from Wednesbury/West Bromwich seeks drummer and bassist of similar age in the local area to form a 3-peice alternative rock/post-grunge band along the style of:

CKY, Staind, Reuben, Puddle of Mudd, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots

I currently have 9 songs in the works (5 are complete songs), all near ready for recording, and I shall be performing acoustic gigs soon should no-one reply or be interested as late as Christmas 2009 - this gives me enough time to finish all the material by myself since I've been let down a lot by numerous band members trying-out/joining & leaving in the past. Should no-one come forward and want to join, I'm recording all the parts myself and then seeing if I can get interest.

For these songs I have also thought out/Guitar Pro tabbed bass lines, so if you are a bassist and are just willing to learn those that's fine, but I am also open to slight changes. I'm not much of a drummer so the drummer has a bit of free reign on this one.

Whilst in a band I have practiced at JJM Studios (Walsall), Post Office Studios (Wednesbury) and Robannas (Birmingham). The band name is already chosen since it reflects the sound I'm after and would love to share with 2 other musicians.

If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me.

Band E-Mail: secondsidemade@live.co.uk
Band MySpace: www.myspace.com/2ndsidemade


(Lead Vocals/Guitars)
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