Lets see what we haves here!

I extend my sincerest promise that all guitars are authentic and handmade in Americhina!

(Luna is an off-shoot of Dean guitars, which is why it came in a Dean box)

^Isn't she startin to look purty?

Oh yes, yes she is!

Design is even done on the headstock.

Differing lighting conditions

Differing lighting conditions on the back of the guitar!

Ditto on the whole family!
Not my cup of tea at all, but if it floats your boat all the more power. How does she sound?

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Sounds awesome man. Nice mellow yet full sound. Came out of the box playing really nicely. Adjusted the truss rod the slightest bit and now she plays like a dream. Good action, the nut was cut perfect, and the guitar as a whole just has an extremely sturdy feel to it.
Interesting, that. I looks rather like someone's tatooed it. Very nice indeed, and very different.
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.
You new guitar has a tramp stamp. It's a SLUT!!!


Now send me your old cutaway.
i dont like the look myself but if you do thats great
Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you cause
With the birds I'll share
This lonely view
That would have been very unfortunate, lmao. And thank you all.

I know a guitar with that much going on is going to be hit or miss on the aesthetic front. But I really, really dig it.
ummmmmmmmm......WOW... i LOVE guitars with unique and abstract designs on them. im not really into acoustis, but holy....crap.
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I detest acoustic guitar.

But, thankfully, it's not for me! Hope you enjoy the new axe!
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