I don't know which to go to! I can probably only afford to go to one of these concerts. This is a pretty big year for metal in New Zealand.
Okay so these bands are playing in the next few months:
Slayer and Megadeth
Suffocation with Winds of Plague
Arch Enemy
Lamb Of God with Devildriver & Shadows Fall

And they're all playing with a few kiwi metal bands
My number 1 choice was obviously Slayer and Megadeth but there are only seated upstairs tickets left (and I wanna be moshing infront of the stage!)
I really love Arch Enemy and Lamb Of God but which are the best live?

Edit: Forgot Dream Theater! How could I!
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arent dream theater coming to NZ in december when they do the australian tour? im going to see them in melbourne

Yeah they are man, forgot to put them in haha. But theyr quite a bit more expensive too. Probably worth it
Slayer and Megadeth would be my choice but the lamb of god/devildriver/shadows fall would be good as well. Your choice, we can't really help you. Also, the seating area isn't too bad, main reason you go is to see and hear the band, moshing can be done with some mates and a stereo. I went to Iron Maiden and had a bloke moshing in the seat beside me, he tore off his shirt and tried to emulate the scream in Number of the Beast, 200kg of fat jiggling in my face
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Yeah they are man, forgot to put them in haha. But theyr quite a bit more expensive too. Probably worth it

Definately worth it if you've never seen them.
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I've seen Arch Enemy 3 times and i think they're only good if, like me, you know the songs really well and can get into them easily. If i didn't know the songs, Gossows performance would distract me because she's not particularly good live.

Out of all those bands, I enjoyed Slayer the most, plus, if this whole big 4 tour falls through, you might not get many more chances to see 2 or more of the big 4 together
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Ahem, Suffocation.

That is all

I agree with this fine gentleman.
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If you can't get to the mosh pit at the Megadeth show, go for Suffocation
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Lamb of God + Shadows Fall

fap fap fap

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EDIT: Personally, I'd go for Dream Theater, but I don't know how much you like them, so I can't really say you should pick them over the other bands.
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Any answer other than Suffocation is fantastically wrong.
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