Hey, I've been offered a bass guitar for £30 (GBP) and was wondering if any of you guys have heard of the manufacturer and know if there any good? I already play and own 2 basses but I've never heard of this one and cant seem to find much about it online.
It's made by Applause (Think there a sub-company to Ovation..Like Squier to Fender and Epiphone to Gibson) but thats all I know.

Thanks in advance, Darren.
If it works/sounds OK, 30 quid's worth it surely
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Yeah I tried Google but there doesn't seem to be any info on there electric bass guitars only acoustic. But there acoustic ones are going for a few hundred pounds so they might be quite decent guitars.
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I'd say test it out and if if it sounds good buy it, if not get soemtihng else, u never know cud be a hidden gem...or not..
For 30 quid you really don't have much to lose.
I bought an ibanez gsr200 for 30 quid and it was my main bass for a long time, so you never know.

Give it a wee play and see what you think. If you don't like it you could still buy it and sell it on ebay for 40 or 50 quid.
yeah I agree that even if it is absolute rubbish, you've got nothing to lose if it's 30 quid.
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Never played one of their basses, but I've played a few Applause guitars and they all looked, felt, and played well. At least one had a really crappy setup, but I think that was the owner's fault.
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If it's 30 quid the raw materials used to make it are probably worth just as much as the bass. Why not?
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