I picked her up today and have run the S/N's = Made in Unsung Korea April, 2009 with 3 pce maple neck. It is an absolutely stunning guitar, got a set up into the sale price and it plays beautifully; I can't say enough good things about these. I did try a Gibby ES-335 standard just for the hell of it and the Gibby was very nice also - but the Sherry holds it's own I have to say.

The finish is actually gorgeous ... the caramel/honey burst works for me I have to say and blends so well with the gold hardware that I'm keeping the gold as is; it doesn't stick out at all on this finish - it gleams like the highlights of honeyed goodness which only serves to underpin her classy curves.

The photography session turned into a bit of a Playboy shoot ... the maple top and back are amazing; I'm very impressed!

Best, Tiki.
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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