Well I just received my new RG321MH and I need little help.

The bridge action is set all the way up (hard tail with the two allen key screws for each string) but I am getting some fret buzz at the 7th 9th and 15th fret on the low E and the A string.

If fret the 1st and 24th and I have about 1mm (or a little less) of distance at the 8th fret on the low E string

After reading a lot of posts about setups, I think that I need more front bow in my neck so the fret buzz will go away and then I can lower the action at the bridge.

Can anyone conform this?

Nick F
I know you dont wanna hear this. But i would take it to a tech and have a pro set up done on it. You will be better off in the long run. I promise.
Yeah I'd have to agree, from reading your post I gather you've never done anything like this before, and seeing as it's a new guitar it'd be best to get a professional to do it.
sounds like your neck is bent upwards in the middle, and if you can't alter your bridge than make a TINY adjustment with the truss rod. You'll need to loosen it off, so turn it ever so slightly anti-clockwise, then check to see if the problem has gone.
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You can do it yourself. If you don't learn now, you'll never learn. It's pretty easy to do and it's hard to mess up. There are plenty of tutorials here.
I hate working on my guitars. Im always afraid im gonna mess something up! Or maybe im just lazy and would rather sit around and drink beer and watch someone else do it. WINK!