Hi guys, hope you can help?

I have always thought that I'm tone deaf, my old piano teacher told so as well when I was only 11 and I'm 46 now

I'm learning bass and love doing John Taylor Duran Duran stuff, fiddly Chic bits but when I try and get root of chord to try and 'pom pom' along I'm really struggling...

....I just can't understand it? I can pick out a note, yet I can't pick out a chord root?

China Crisis did a cute little song called Wishing Thinking, the start only has 4 chords and I just can't get the last one.....or maybe all of them for all I know!

I think it's Em, Cm, Am then well, I just can't get the last one, it must be so easy too ....click on the link to the song and see what I mean, this should be so easy?


any ideas why I'm struggling?

cheers guys
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