Heyy guys,
Ive been playing guitar for about a month. I have been learning from this site mostly and a guitar book i have. I feel that the book is a bit advnced for me so i just stuck to the lessons on this site. Now i am sorta stuck. this is basically what iknow

- How to read most tablature
-Some chords
-I can play some of the basic song intros
-been practicing finger stretching lessons

these are most of the things i can think of.. now i just dont know wat to learn now.
Could someone pls help as i am absolutely loving the guitar and its frustrating me... i dont want to lose interest.

if it helps im fingerpicking on an acoustic

I also dont have the money to pay for a guitar tutor a i am only 15 and not living at home and yea

Thanks guys..
dood just try to learn songs that are easy.
the first song i ever learned how to play was Emily.
and just practice scales and alt. picking and stuff idk
find a few easier songs, that you know well

learn the tabs and practice them as often as you can. Try and nail down 3-5 songs, so you can play them up to speed, as close to error free as possible. Try and learn songs from different genres and you will learn how different styles use a variety or varrying techniques/scales/tempo's etc...

thats what really helped me at first. I dont know what you listen to, but I would recommend learning some stuff life

Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Almost anything by Nirvana
Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins
Tangerine - Led Zeppelin

hope this helps

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Learning on an Acoustic eh? No probz.

The first song I learned for guitar was "My Friends" - Red Hot Chili Peppers. This song is pretty simple to learn, and has some pretty good basic guitar techniques: Hammer-ons, a simple picking pattern, and even shifting a C chord up 2 frets via sliding (which can be a useful technique for almost any chord if done right)! This song lead me into another, and I played my first show 3 months after picking up my first guitar!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a huge Chili Peppers fan when it comes to learning guitar. Why? John Frusciante uses such a wide variety of techniques to make some amazing sounds and melodies (from beginner to expert techniques)!

If you aren't an RHCP fan, no worries! A good song that will help you work on individual finger-picking is "Blackbird" - The Beatles. On this song, I'd recommend working on your right hand first (the finger-picking style: I only use my Thumb, Pointer Finger, and Middle Finger in order to play this)! After you get the basic finger-picking pattern down, then it's time to go onto the left hand part! This part will take some work, and even if you don't want to perform this piece, learning it will open up so many more songs that involve finger-picking!

If you want any more advice, just reply or send me a private message via the forums with what type of music you are interested in playing, who your influences are, etc. I'd be more than glad to help!
Thanks to theycallmerune that is a great link... its really helpful with its beginner courses and stuff... owe ya big time
Quote by jakestib8r
Heyy guys,
Could someone pls help as i am absolutely loving the guitar and its frustrating me... i dont want to lose interest.

I can't offer much advice as I'm still, compared to a lot the posters on here, a bit of a n00b (playing just over a year), but it sounds like you've got the most important bit covered perfectly - you're enjoying it. At the stage you're at, it's definately going to be frustrating because your hands are having to do things they've never even come close to before. That said, they'll learn in time, and it's worth hanging on in there as it just gets more and more fun as time goes on.

That said, one thing I would recommend is working on fine finger control and independance. Here's a couple of Youtube vids with some exercises in that have helped me a lot. One word of warning - they're somewhat uncomfortable to do at first, so don't push it too much at the start. Build up gently, maybe just a few minutes at a time.

Freepower's (of UG) finger independance exercise

Ye Generic Spider Exercises

Oh, and when Mr. Freepower says "relax" he means it. Whilst I promise you the first few times you do this you won't be thinking "oooh, I'm really relaxed here" but "ouch, my fingers don't do that!", it doesn't actually take that long until you can really relax your fretting hand whilst performing said exercise.

(Note to the rest of you - If I'm talking cr4p here, please correct me!)
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.
Some good advice in this thread.
Working on lots of easy songs is the way to go. You don't even have to learn complete songs if they are too hard, just cherry pick a couple of riffs that you like. The great thing is that you will improve with every new that you learn, especially at this stage.
The spider exercises are handy for increasing your dexterity. That will help you learn new material more quickly.
Learn the names of the notes all over the fretboard. That will help you greatly with digesting the theory side of things, and learning how to apply it. Learn some scales. Start with the pentatonic, then move on to the major and minor.
dont forget. if you start feeling bored or notice you are not playing as much. just make up a song. try to perfect it to your likings. it will keep you busy. then make up lyrics that go with it. then hit the streets and grab some coins