I've got a crappy marshall micro stack that I want to sell...I'm thinking either ebay or craigslist, though I'm still skeptical of craigslist. If I were to sell it, how do I ship it? An odd question I know, but I was curious how others went about selling and shipping an amp.
find a box that fits, and pack it. Get some bubble wrap or styrofoam peanut things and ensure its in there nice and secure

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Crapppp. I'm gonna need to find a big box then. I'm assuming I'll just have to call UPS then and have them come pick it up.
With Craigslist you don't ship. All local pick-up.
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There is always the local post office. May not need ot buy a box go to walmart and see what they are throwing away after stocking the shelves. I used the box an aquarium went in to ship an amp, used some extra card board to reinforce things.