ok I have been playing for about 4 years almost 4 years. Anyways I was in a cover band for a bit, and things fell through so while I am looking for a new band I figured I would get some more music theory down, I actually find it very interesting so far I know obviously your major and minor chords, I also know all the notes on the fretboard, I know barre chords. and I am kinda trying to understand major scales, its kinda confusing. so my question is what should I learn next, especially as a rhythm guitar player, also any link to a video explaining major scales easily that would be great.
Learn the major scale, and how it's used for constructing chords. Learn the different intervals and to distinguish them by ear. You might want to take a look at the lessons at www.musictheory.net
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What helped me the most is learning Interval Theory. It is the study of note relations and explains why the notes are major, minor, dominant, augmented and diminished.

After you learn that, it will open up doors to scales, modes and more complex chord structures.
Thank you for your help I appreciate it, I feel I am at a stage were I can grasp music theory, especially since I am very comfortable with my fretboard and the notes