After my recent Tech 21 VT Bass purchase I've decided to get an amp modelling pedal for my guitar because the sound is so good.

My intial thought was just to dive in with the Tech 21 California pedal but then thought I've hardly researched the subject.

What would others recommend, do Blackstar do anything like this

Many thanks in advance
Sorry I forgot to add - I've got loads of Line 6 Plugins and was wondering what's out there apart from their gear!!!
I think Line 6 is the best thing that's reasonably priced. The Fractal Axe-FX is really good but really expensive. That's one that makes people retire their tube amps.
I picked up one of these for $50. It's pretty slick because you have basically a 4 channel preamp. Right now I use it with a Magicstomp (for reverb/delay/modulation FX) on a Epi Valve Jr stack. It sounds pretty good. I think they are discontinued so eBay might be the only source.

Well the Blackstar ht-dual can be used as an amp simulator can it has an emulated out, and has two channels.
how about pedals like Dr Boogey, Thor, Matchless, Umble or anything in the same league. They're all designed based on amp circuits with JFet's replacing the tube places! So, i do think they're amp modelling pedals!