Ok, so my next guitar is going to be a flying V with decent pickups, and a floyd rose.
My budget is £700 - £1000

So far, after doing plenty of research I narrowed it down to 3 choices.
So, which do you guys think is the best for me (me = playing metal like CoB and lamb of god)
Or do you think there are better options for me which I havent come across?

1.) ESP LTD Alexi-600
RRP: £950 but i've seen lots of dealers selling it for about £700.

2.) Jakcson Demmelition King V
about £980

3.) ESP V-401 DX
it's about £750.
I'd go with the V-401 by the looks you get 2 volume controls and a neck pickup and i've always prefered the look of the V-401
I love the new alexi-600's (blacky/scythe) but i would take the 401 over the other ones because it's cheaper, i think it looks the best out of those 3 and has 2 pickups (even if they are the same, just swap one out).

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Alexi-600 imo
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I would go with the v-401 just because it isnt a signature models and i cant help but shy away from using someone elses guitar.
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I would go with the V-401, cause if you wanted to do lead you have the neck pickup there.
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the alexi, neck quality is fantastic and it feels weighted better than any of the other v's i have tried
I like the Alexi only because I think the RR style V's look a lot better than the regular V's.
But then you only get one PU.
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BC Rich NJ Deluxe V? Consider it.

Definitely do not go for the Alexi. I've never played the Jackson, but the LTD is very nice.
i would go for the ESP V-401 DX
with signiture guitars your normally paying more for what its worth just because it has someones name on it.


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True, but on the V-401dx, i'm worried about the floyd rose special bridge.
As far as I know it's a lisencsed floyd rose, and im not sure who make it. So will it stay in tune while I use it?
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True, but on the V-401dx, i'm worried about the floyd rose special bridge.
As far as I know it's a lisencsed floyd rose, and im not sure who make it. So will it stay in tune while I use it?

It should be a Floyd with ESP imprinted in it. It isn't a OFR, but it's one of the better liscensed Floyd's out there.
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Why shouldn't i go for the demmelition V?
Isn't it better since it has an original floyd rose, and apart from that it's virtually the same as the V-401 DX?
The FR Special is quite a good trem. It's made from an inferior metal, but is still a good trem. I wouldn't pay an extra 250 for the demmelition, just for the OFR. If you want, get the ESP and drop on an OFR. It'll cost less than the jackson.
Personally, I'd rather have an MIJ Jackson than a non Deluxe series LTD. Not to say that the V-401 isn't a good guitar, I just think the Jackson will be better overall quality. And its a little radical in the shape but its nothing over the top
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I'd go for either the Alexi 600 or the 401 DX. I personally like the RR shape more, but since the original Alexi's guitar was made outside US, it had more of a RR shape. The bottom fin is smaller (i think that looks sick ass), but you can't get that in US easily. Go to Japan for one

The 401 looks sick too, but it depends what shape and details you like more. Don't get the Demmelition, though.

Just choose between the 401 and 600.

BTW, you can get a SD Blackout (active) or a passive EMG in the 600. That's only one pickup. In the 401, you get TWO EMG 81's (both active). Try em out if you can.