Hi, I just sold my Electric guitar because I don't really use it in my aparatment with the amp. So now I only got my Fender CD 60 which I bought this winter. I don't want to buy a new guitar because I think it sounds pretty good for it's price.

The regular price is around: 1,800 Swedish kronor (Around 250 US dollar)

But I got it for around: 1,000 Swedish kronor (Around 140 US dollar)

Anyway, what could I do to improve the sound?

I really need a new pair of strings. Should I go pricy with a pair of Elexir? Does it makes difference in sound compared to cheaper?

Tunings pegs
Could I change the tuning pegs to a better ones so that the guitar stays in tune for a bit longer?

Please give tips for how to make it a bit hotter and better

(I'm swedish so my enlgish is not to great)
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