Im not sure which forum this should be posted in so i have posted in both here and the acoustic forum.

I have a Cort SFX-6B NAT electro acoustic guitar. From getting the guitar when its plugged into amp/system etc the top E string is really REALLY quiet. The pickup is like a copper wound wire underneath the saddle, at the end where the top E string would be its kind of twisted round. If i were to cut the end off and replace back underneath the saddle would it respond any better? Or any other solutions?

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I don't know what kind of guitar this is and i'm not going to bother, but if it's got a pickup you can try to tap the pickup screws with a screwdriver. If it's just as loud on all screws, change strings. If not, you ought to adjust the screws to add more gain on the proper string, perhaps considering to raise that side of the pickup.