Im not sure which forum this should be posted in so i have posted in both here and the electric forum.

I have a Cort SFX-6B NAT electro acoustic guitar. From getting the guitar when its plugged into amp/system etc the top E string is really REALLY quiet. The pickup is like a copper wound wire underneath the saddle, at the end where the top E string would be its kind of twisted round. If i were to cut the end off and replace back underneath the saddle would it respond any better? Or any other solutions?

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dont do it yourself, thats just silly. If you've changed the strings on your guitar recently you might have unbalanced the way the saddle rests or have moved your UST (the copper wire under your saddle). I had the same problem with a Takamin 12 string once, but for me it was the treble strings. take it to a shop and plug it in there to show a tech exactly whats goin on then let him fix it for you

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This is a really common problem from top of the range guitars to average ones. The pickup under the saddle is probable loose take it to a guitar store and they'll fix it in no time. DO NOT CUT IT