This is the last in a series of NGD for me. This is a Jay Turser Les Paul in vintage burst I got online for $20.00 and change. It had a pretty badly cracked/broken neck at the scarf joint. It took me a little longer repairing it because it broke further because the shipped didn't relieve the tension on the strings.

I still have to refinsh the back of the neck.

Here is a pic of the break.

thats the worst neck break i have ever saw in my entire life(besides being coompletely broke off)

but you got a great deal!

you should send it to me ya know!

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Jay Turser makes a great guitar for the money and I just happened to get a hold of a few that needed repair for a good price. The last 4 I got were all in need of repair or parts. I got them all from the same place too they bought a lot of from a store that closed.

When I bid on this one all it had was a crack at the scarf joint after it was damaged further I had to put it back together like a puzzle. I took 4 separate fixes I had to repair the chunk that popped out from the truss rod then the main break after that I had to repair and clamp the fret board at the first fret and then one hairline crack next to the original one. Each had to be injected with glue and clamped individually so it took 4 days and a Micky mouse clamp set up because my neck clamps wore out. Then I had to fill and sand the repair smooth. Now I have to start the refinishing it will take several coats of polyshades to match the original color then a coat or two of gloss clear.

I plugged it in and played it and it plays and feels great the neck seems like it's a solid repair. My only complain is the pups either need to be potted or swapped. For some reason my other JT Guitars seem to have better pick ups.

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ow, i feel that...but great buy, once u get it fixed up and all, it will be nice.


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Just wanted to post a couple pics of the repair on the Headstock. I have been pretty busy working on others guys guitars so my stuff had to be put on the back burner. I am just getting ready to put a finish on the repair. I gave it a coat of sanding sealer first to seal the raw grain and I will use Minwax Polyshades to blend the color in and hopefully make the repair invisible.