What is the best tone wood for hard rock-classic metal. I am looking on having a guitar built. any imput would be appreciated.
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Well, ash can sound pretty damn awesome, as can maple, it all depends what you want really.

Yep. Swamp ash is my favorite tonewood. A lot of metal guitars also use basswood as their primary tone wood. But if you want that 70s Gibson tone, solid mahogany or maple-capped mahogany is the only way to go.
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it all depends what you want really.

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I would say Mahogany as well. Its not required, but It matches vintage tones well.

I want to say that it was popular..but so were HSS strats. It all depends on the Band you want to be in the same neighborhood with.

I have a few basswood guitars that can do ACDC, but for they may be too bland for some folks. It works for me because I use a mid-happy rectified tone with a Marshall cabinet and I dont scoop.

Any band that had a decent presence of mids wont need Mahogany.
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