I commented the video so this is pretty much unneeded
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I seem to attract girls.
Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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Being an idiot should be illegal too.
You need some new clothes; last time I checked, it's the year 2009, not 1999.

But good playing.
breaking hearts
breaking guitars
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You didn't look all too enthusiastic

He's playing the blues, he can't be happy or it's an automatic lose.

On topic: Some of it sounded like jazz lol, but it was kickass regardless.
you'll see my comment.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

I don't always post on UG, but when I do, I post in the Pit. Stay thirsty my friends.
Hmm..this makes me want to try out one time I think i'd stand a chance.

I just assumed it was going to be filled with jesus-we're-amazing people.

Nice strat that's the color i'd get it in too! heh
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