Hey guys,

Finally going to pull the trigger on a new ax. Decided on a Jackson SL2H.

Question is they now offer that guitar with a Mahogany body and neck as opposed to the typical Alder body and Maple neck.

I haven't had much experience with that particular wood - I realize that most Les Pauls are made of it. Haven't found anyone around here that has the model in that wood so I haven't played it yet. My playing style would be more hard rock, but I also play some bluesy stuff as well. Play a lot of Metallica etc.

In any case just wanted some opinions on whether I should go with the Alder or Mahogany. Any additional thoughts and comments are appreciate.
In a neck thru guitar most of the tone is going to come from the neck wood, as opposed to the body wood. Personally, I'd go with alder/maple. But I play a lot of 80's shred and instrumental stuff, and an alder/maple neck thru is going to have a brighter tone that IMO suits those genres better than a warmer toned mahogany instrument. It's a tough choice... but IMO alder/maple = shred while mahogany = rock.
id go with the mahogany but thats just preference. It has a maple top i believe. At least the SL3 has it...
I'd say go with the alder, it's usually defined as more "Metal", which is what you're likely to be playing on a Jackson. I am aware James Hetfield plays Gibson Les Pauls etc. but Alder seems to be the norm.

Good choice on the guitar by the way!
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