Ok, so I have an Ashdown Electric Blue 15/180, and it doesn't seem do work most of the time. I plug it into my bass and NOTHING happens, I can't get any sound out of it. Same goes for my guitar, I use my bass amp for both my bass and my guitar, as I can only afford 1 amp, and my guitar sounds just fine with a bass amp, and I've been told it's perfectly ok to do that. I've been treating the amp very respectfully, turning the volume down to 0 whenever I was turned it off, and only increased the volume AFTER i turned it on again, and left it totally unplugged when I wasn't using it. Sometimes it works, but thats usually after a couple of days of inactivity, and even then, it only lasts a maximum of half an hour... .

This pretty much also happened with my old cheap 10 watt guitar amp that I used to have, I played bass on that too, but was told that was ok, because a bass wouldn't damage an amp as weak as that, but with that, if I played around with the lead in the guitar's socket type thing, it would eventually decide to work again.

Any ideas on what's wrong with it, and any suggestions on how to fix it? Any idea would be GREATLY appreciated .

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Might want to check the fuses my friend.
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Quote by sesstreets
Might want to check the fuses my friend.

It's defo not a fuse since the amp starts working again after not-working.