Hey Everyone,
I have about 600 bucks to spend on an acoustic guitar and I wanna play mostly blues guitar with it, what's the best acoustic guitar i can get at this price point?? Also, are there any guitars that cost a few hundred bucks more, but have a huge jump in sound quality?

I will play a lot of guitars at guitar center, but i want a starting point.

I've found that for blues, a lot of cheap guitars surprisingly offer the perfect sound.

For example, I think the Yamaha FG730S is a GREAT blues guitar because of the lack of overtones in its sound. And that thing only costs $300.
Why not go try out a dobro? They give the "definative acoustic blues sound." Other than that, I know SRV used Guilds on his acoustic songs. They have a nice, clear, jangly sound that seems perfect for blues.
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Yea, during SRV's Unplugged concert he played a 12-string Guild, I believe, and it sounded fabulous.
Look at archtops for playing the blues or jazz. I prefer true archtops that sound good unplugged instead of the ES-335 type semi-hollowbodys that need an amp.
Epiphone Emperor type,or Ibanez Artcore are good I've heard. Also look at the big Jazz box archtops, I love these. Get one with a wood compensated bridge. They sound better than the TOM bridge. Think unplugged. Go for the tone. Happy hunting.