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No she is resonsible.
2 17%
Yes, you are very much responsible for her actions.
10 83%
Voters: 12.
A girl at my school was very suicidal, the week before she was sitting in the basement for an hour negotiating whether she would fire her dads shotgun into her head. I followed her around for a day or two (the word got around that she was insane, she got bullyed alot). I finally caught up with her, i'm a very straight edged person. She told me that she was scared of death, but badly wanted to end it all. After a 10 minute discussion, I suggested that I give her a soundtrack to her suicide. She said that it would be a good idea. The next day I made a CD with alot of DSBM on it. There was eight tracks that lasted just over an hour. I picked each not for the sake of it, but ones I knew would drive her over the edge. I gave her the CD, when nobody was around. I told her not the to focus on the music, but on her past life and how miserable she is. I told her it's best at 2am and that she should have the lights off etc.. The next day she arrived, but hadnt listened to it yet. But the next day.. She ended her life. I dont know whether what I did helped her to do it, or whether I am resonsible. She seemed very eager to get it over with and I am glad she has put all her problems to rest.

The question, just for fun. Is: Am I responsible for the suicide?
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no its not like you forced her to kill her self and she had the choice to love or die
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You are either full of shit or really warped.


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You are either full of shit or really warped.

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