I'm looking at either the WS1000 or the CO-WS1000N2 as a "be all, end all" guitar to hopefully have by the time I graduate college. Has anyone here played one or both of these guitars? What did you like and dislike about it?

Also, how is the string spacing for a guitar with a 1.75" nut width? I'm used to 12-strings, classicals, and other guitars with pretty wide nuts. However, I've noticed that not all nuts of the same size are spaced the same. For example, my teacher's Takamine that he bought partially for how skinny and playable the neck was, felt like it had at least as much room as my guitar.
I played a Rainsong but ended up buying a Composite Acoustic Cargo (for travel) and GXi. The GXi sounded better to me and I prefered the cutaway and feel of the neck. Only issue with the GXi is it has a "bassy" sound which is good for finger picking but not so good for strumming. Rainsong's are great guitars and you can not go wrong.