We all the know song rocks and that Sebastien is the coolest of all the crabs in all de land so I decided to do a little cover of the song Under the Sea.

It's kinda like, Jack Johnson-y in influence and I just think its a cool piece. It's my first like recording that was more than just 1 take! I actually used editting software and stuff. It's not perfect but I'm still proud.

Comments and thoughts? I'd be more than happy to give tabs or anything. And any people who want me to feedback on thier work just ask and give a link!

Damn son. That was great. I like the mixing. It's a little unbalanced with the panning but other than that it's really cool.

Aside from that, your voice is great. You have a lot of control over it. The guitar is solid was well. I loved the key change and accelerando. I 5 starred that.
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